As social media platforms evolve, so do the marketing tactics that support them. When utilizing Facebook and Instagram advertisements, it's important to generate connection driven insight. Digital Preznece's team of advertisers have mastered the powerful tools and analysis provided by Facebook and Instagram.


Social media platforms provide marketers an endless amount of data and information tied to existing users. In turn, they are assisting our marketing efforts. The main reason Facebook and Instagram advertisements are so effective is because of how targeted their reach has become. As you know, these platforms have implemented processes and algorithms to tailor ads based on a specific user's gender, age, interests, etc. It is important to remember, each user represents a human trying to make a decision. Digital advertising is not a matter of guessing. Every individual leaves a digital footprint of what they have purchased, what they have viewed and what they are interested in.


So, why doesn't every business, brand and influencer utilize these universally accessible social media tools? Simply put, you must master each unique platform in order to develop accurate analyses, draw trends, learn from failures and reproduce successes. 


Digital Prezence bridges that gap of knowledge. We focus our tactics on human connections. In fact, connections that inspire your ideal target to take action and become a buyer. 

If you are looking for more qualified leads, a marketing strategy you are confident in, and ads that result in conversions, Digital Prezence is for you. We are known for our transparency, phenomenal customer experience and, most importantly, results. 

How Dallas Prep Kitchen utilized Facebook Advertisements to increase sales and returning customers. 

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