Use Cases:

Personal Account Followers

  • Reach Potential Partners

  • Understand Existing Audience

  • Grow Subscription List

  • Run Targeted Promotions

  • Sell Shout-outs

Target Market Insight

  • Solicit a YouTube Channel & Podcast

  • Send Discount Codes to E-Commerce Sites

  • Hire Interns

  • Sell Ad Space

  • Build a Community of Entrepreneurs

Competitive Landscape

  • Market Direct to Consumer

  • Expose Brand to Target Market

  • Push Blog & Forum

  • Grow Social Media Accounts

  • Hire Sales Reps

There is a plethora of publicly available information on social media platforms. But, how do you capture data that is specific to your business needs? Digital Prezence developed this Insight Tool to gather specific account(s) follower information. From any account, we can extract a myriad of useful information from any social media account that can be used for insights.

Through our methodology you can identify potential partnerships, expand business development efforts, and your improve marketing tactics. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or Influencer, this data can be leveraged to better understand and reach target markets. It’s as simple as providing our team the account(s) of interest. Then, the process becomes totally hands off. Just lean back and let the machine take over. Digital Prezence handles everything from mining the data to delivering it in an organized manner.

Not only can we scrape every account's follower data, we can also customize our tool to identify and return other extremely targeted datasets. 

Take a use case - let's say you're a liquor distributor in Long Island who wanted to become an alcohol provider to bars and restaurants all over the Island. With our proprietary algorithm we can enter specific criteria for his case: location, category, etc. We'll populate and deliver a targeted dataset containing useful contact information for his specific business needs. You can use this repository of information to make pitches to eateries all over Long Island.

We can make our search as specific as you desire. In fact, the more specific you are, the better the result is. For example, tell us you want information on artists and musicians in Boise, Idaho, have under 11,000 followers, and contain the word "crossfit" in their bios. While we may question your intentions - we we are happy to do it for you.

Our data aggregation and custom research is not limited to the above. Let us know your needs and we will be happy to help.

​How Wisely Marketing used custom research to reach prospective models to rep their agency.

Read about it here.

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