At its core, Digital Prezence was built on the concept of automation. What does this mean? We are in the business of providing custom technology solutions to improve internal productivity.

For example, our team developed a fully customizable email campaign tool to blast messages to desired market(s) seamlessly and effectively. Lastly, we provide split test reports on every reach-out tactic to learn and improve for future campaign iterations. This service is particularly useful for soliciting promotions and business development purposes.

Whatever the pain points are, Digital Prezence will leverage technology to overcome and circumvent monotonous tasks. An investment banker relayed her frustration associated with pulling company specific spreadsheets from the same website everyday. She spent hours downloading, organizing, copying, pasting and emailing her boss this comprehensive report. With a click of a button, we built a tool that automatically downloads each spreadsheet, compiles the information in her drafts and sends an email to her boss at 8:00 AM every morning.

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