Dating back to 1997, Heineken made a partnership with one of the coolest guys we known - James Bond. Although Bond was universally known to love martinis, “shaken, not stirred,” he was seen in Skyfall sipping from that iconic green beer bottle. Heineken was fully aware of the influence Mr. Bond had on our society. They knew most guys wanted to be like him, which included drinking the same beverages. Not everyone can be crime solving secret agents. But, the next time we’re at a bar, we may reach for a Heineken since that may be the closest we will ever get.


Now, we know what you’re thinking – you most likely don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on advertising, nor do you personally know any fictional superheroes. That’s where Digital Prezence comes in.


Social Media influencers are modern day trendsetters. We all want to wear the same outfit that fashion writer reps, use the same supplements as that fitness model, and stay at the same hotel in Thailand that travel vlogger stayed at.


Traditional advertising is boring. Everyone takes their bathroom breaks during the commercials of the Patriot's game. But, if Tom Brady is wearing your brand's hat after the game, I’d be compelled to do the same.


Our large network of brands and social media influencers allow us to make connections seamlessly. We’ll have influencers wearing your accessories, the biggest personalities visiting your restaurant, and the biggest bodybuilders using your supplements in no time.

Sunga Life is a Navy Seal owned swimsuit brand. We had a super model wearing their gear. She became their cover girl.

Read about it here.



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