Started by three Wake Forest graduates - Digital Prezence provides technology and automation solutions specializing in social media, marketing, branding, and digital advertising.
Our services enable business owners, agencies and influencers to increase productivity through automation and allow for data-driven decision making.
We are software developers and analytic enthusiasts who develop proprietary business development processes and search tools. We have expertise in social media, e-commerce and growth hacking and our technology utilizes web-scraping, machine learning, and email marketing.


Chris Buetti


Head of  Technology & Software Engineering

Chris heads our software development & tech efforts. Through years of experience, Chris is able to leverage automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to add a unique boost to our solution set. Chris has been in the social media space for years with his work has featured on Buzzfeed, Cheddar TV, and Digital Information World. He has a degree in Computaitonal Statistics from Wake Forest University

Austin Rosenthal


Head of Business Development & Operations

Austin heads our business development efforts. He graduated from Wake Forest with a degree in New Business Development. He has experience working at and partnering with businesses of all sizes and across a myriad of industries, with a focus on growth hacking and social media. Over the years, he has developed relationships through his innate ability to network. He prides himself on his business instinct, intuition and acumen to pursue opportunities.

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