Started by three Wake Forest University graduates - Digital Prezence provides technology and automation solutions specializing in social media, marketing, branding, and digital advertising.
Our services enable business owners, agencies and influencers to increase productivity through automation and allow for data-driven decision making.
We are software developers and analytic enthusiasts who develop proprietary business development processes and search tools. We have expertise in social media, e-commerce and growth hacking. Our technology utilizes web-scraping, machine learning, and email marketing.

Chris Buetti


Head of  Technology & Software


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Chris heads the technology department for Digital Prezence, focusing on web-scraping, automation, and data science. His professional experience includes working in artificial intelligence and software engineering for large corporations such as the NBA and NBC. Chris’s social media and data science work has been featured on NPR, BuzzFeed, and Cheddar.

Austin Rosenthal


Head of Business Development &


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Austin heads business development, operations and client relations for Digital Prezence. Austin has experience in project management and developing system requirements working as a management consultant. Over the years, he has developed partnerships through his innate ability to network. He prides himself on his business instinct, intuition and acumen to pursue opportunities.

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Eddie Dalrymple

Software Engineer

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Eddie joined the Digital Prezence development team bringing years of start up experience. His software development knowledge, project management experience and client relationship skills aid him in building out the tools our clients use every day to grow their businesses. He is Digital Prezence's first full-time employee outside its founders.

Kimber Kirt

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Kimber is the digital marketing specialist for Digital Prezence. She is a creative soul with a thorough understanding of the analytics, driving the success of each campaign she manages. Kimber has a passion to create content that entertains, educates, and ultimately converts. She is known for being a ray of sunshine as well as a boss in the industry. Kimber surpasses our client's to goals, not accepting anything but greatness.


Company Mascot & Very Good Girl

Bella keeps the team motivated and full of smiles. She has years of experience in company esteem-boosting and bone management.

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